RTI Rules

Dear J/80 Owners,

The annual Round the Island Race is on Saturday 2nd July. Thankfully, the start is later than usual, so competitors can get out of bed at a more civilised hour! For those entered or considering it, there’s some important news about safety regs for J/80s……

For the past few years, J/80s have been classified as ‘monohulls’ rather than ‘sportsboats’, which has required J/80s to comply with demanding Cat 4 safety regs. This year the safety regs have been relaxed for J/80s, following constructive lobbying of the ISC by Chris Neve (No Regrets) – well done Chris, we all owe you a beer.

This year’s requirements for J/80s has been confirmed (in writing by ISC’s Sonia Mayes) as:

  • Flares 2 Orange Smoke
  • Knife, with quick access to cockpit
  • Lifejackets 150N to cat 4 spec
  • Heaving Line

Plus, mandatory equipment required by J/80 Class Rules:

  • One anchor and chain exceeding 6.0kg with 40m of polyamide rode with minimum diameter of 8mm
  • One manual bilge pump
  • One compass, applicable charts, and either (a) speed and depth measuring devices or (b) operational GPS.
  • Permanently mounted operable navigation lights, a 12 volt battery (2kg min, 25kg max)
  • One horseshoe type throwable life ring.
  • Marine first aid kit and manual.
  • One operational VHF radio.
  • One bucket of not less than 9 litre capacity.
  • Personal flotation vests shall be carried for each crewmember on board. The vests shall comply with any applicable MNA regulations.
  • The engine minimum weight shall not be less than 12.5kg (empty of fuel). When not in use, engine and any removable outboard bracket shall be stowed aft of forward wall of cockpit

Please note, race officials reserve the right to cancel the J/80 class start if the wind speed forecast is deemed too strong for safe racing – but the officials acknowledge that J/80s are capable of racing in conditions more adverse than can be safely handled by other sportsboats.

Best regards, Jim
J/80 Fleet Captain at RLmYC