J/80 Nationals in Lymington

The J/80 Nationals planning is progressing nicely! A bit more info for you from the club;

All of the Lymington boats dry-sail from Berthon Marina, adjacent to RLymYC and in the centre of Lymington. This is the base we have arranged for the visitors. We have secured a discounted package, covering:

• Parking for crews (saves a small fortune!)
• Trailer storage
• Lifts in/out
• Crane for stepping/un-stepping masts
• 3 nights of pontoon rafting, with an option to extend if individuals require it.
• Fantastic showers etc

The race week-end was chosen because the tides are favourable. We will be washed out to the race course, through Hurst Channel, and washed back after racing. On the final day, the flood tide will take Hamble-based boats back home until late evening, which reduces the time pressure on prize-giving.

The NOR has been drafted and will be published shortly, along with the details of the socials which sound like great fun! Entry info also coming soon. Just a reminder that the Nats take place over the August bank holiday.

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